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Many trends are expected to emerge in the coming years with ballet-inspired fashion among them. This is a trend that is both unique and trendy. Ballet-inspired clothing is one of the most stylish and exciting styles currently in fashion, and it will be on everyone’s lips this year. Let’s take a look some of the latest trends that are likely to be in stores around the globe by the year’s end is here.

The classic black and white look While it’s not new, the look was only recently accepted by Western culture. This look is a combination of black and white tights with tassels for a contemporary look with bold and contrasting colors. This style is best worn with jeans, and to complement it, you can consider wearing a printed tee shirt. Leggings and a solid top are a good option if prefer to keep it simple.

Elegant bell-neck T-shirts: This look is a wonderful example of fashion inspired by ballet. The majority of the time, it will consist of a basic dress that is either sleeveless, or long sleeved. There are certain areas that you can make it more attractive. For instance If you’re looking to find something a little more dressy than your usual outfit then why not go for a fitted, long top that reaches the chest, then add a few additional prints or color patterns along the neck?

Short Sleeved T-Shirts – For something totally different in ballet-inspired fashion, you can opt for short sleeves. They’re less russian ballet and fashion casual than long-sleeved shirts so they are great for those who prefer more of a sexier, more hip style. You can add print patterns or colors to this shirt, just like the off-duty ballerina look. If you’re looking to reduce the style you can always choose a plain, white shirt.

Ballet flats: These are an excellent option for those who want to create an elegant look with little effort. Ballet-inspired fashion is simple but you don’t need to avoid shoes or socks. You can always use them to add some color or even a pattern to your outfit. Ballet flat shoes should only be made of the best materials. In other words, they will not provide the most value for money.

Leotards and tights If you wish to feel like you’re wearing ballet-inspired clothing, then you need to be careful about the leotards you select. Because ballet is a type of performance art so the leotards and tights used need to be made extremely flexible and soft, to allow them to easily adjust to the body and move in line with the dancer’s steps. Avoid those that are too rigid, which could cause discomfort during classes. It is also essential that the leotards and tights are light on your body, so you don’t end up feeling heavy from too many layers. It is also important to consider the colour of the leotard and tights, as it can be quite difficult to keep track of the changing dance colour scheme as the season progresses.

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